COM 397 Digital Video and Streaming Media

The calendar below, except for assignment due dates, is meant to be more of an order of things than a precise day to day schedule. The last several days are mostly empty. They will be used for new material that we think we want to consider, additional demonstrations of hardware and software, actual production, and, probably mostly, catch-up.Requirements: Demonstration of reasonable proficiency in shooting and editing video, recording and mixing sound via digital means, compressing media for internet and CD or DVD distribution, packaging media on the internet and on optical disc.


  • mixing simple audio "spot"
  • shooting and editing simple video piece
  • digital skills project
  • Preparation of video for internet streaming in the 3 major formats.
  • final project--production of a media piece and packaging for the Internet and optical disc

    May 28 Intro, digital uses
    May 29 view/listen to streams
    May 30 available equipment, cameras, production techniques, audio techniques, shooting video
    May 31 Audio spots due. Intro to FCP including overlay, wireframe, importing audio. Read: Video Production, project selections

    June 3 Video pieces due. Intro to compression, Cleaner 5, Streaming formats, players, protocols. Read: Streaming protocols handout, ATT/IRC Streaming Media handout,
    June 4 Web/html intro/review, Read:
    June 5 metafiles, embedding Read:
    June 6. Flash View (on high speed connection): (Sony Classical); (click on "Zoot Suit Culture."
    June 7. Internet video preparation exercise due

    June 10 Presentation of skills projects
    11 CD/DVD formats and burning
    12 Digital projection, Interactivity, SMIL, Cleaner 5
    June 17
    21 View final projects

    Useful links:

    Streaming Magazine

    Streaming Media World

    Real Media

    Windows Media


    International Webcasters Association